Refreshingly modern, outrageously good-humoured with an old school swag, our find and design approach offers a new way to ​access antique, vintage and British designed goods.

Three generations of distinct design coupled with worldwide logistics knowledge is the intellectual sustainability; the foundation of ​ACROSS THE POND EXPORTS.


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Business knowledge. We have it in spades. Designers, sales and supporting staff who bring ​their capable abilities to facilitate our philosophy. Whether it is for that special iconic British ​object, a hospitality space, your British office space here in the UK or Across The Pond in ​America, our staff is seasoned at executing your needs. More, for less and on time. ​Worldwide.

Bringing the British, that’s us.

We scour the entire UK to send you nothing but the best of British goods and antique design ​to make your project the most authentic expression of British design.

How is it done?

Because of performance by professionals, because of a single-minded commitment to getting ​the job done, through a network of support experts. Across The Pond Exports, distinctive ​British goods and design.

Performance by professionals

With the strength of proven performance, Across The Pond Exports offers total commitment ​to getting the job done. With an established network of support experts, Across The Pond ​Exports can give you the best design, delivery and installation services in the residential and ​hospitality industry. The result; a financially successful investment for the client and that is ​the bottom line.

With an in-depth knowledge of the retail, residential and hospitality industry, Across The ​Pond Exports is able to focus on those areas which directly affect the client’s investment. ​Seamless product or design project development. Our responsibilities to you include: Total ​contract consolidation; Preparation of design and BID contracts; Implementation of order and ​delivery schedules; Project supervision of our installation teams in retail, residential and ​hospitality settings. Across The Pond Exports understands every design project represents a ​statement that the client wants to make and that statement must be translated into a design ​concept that works.


A blending of practical requirements with aesthetic balance, using the design sciences. ​Including: The psychology of colour, environmental applications, space planning, product ​development and placement and more. Across The Pond Exports integrates concept and ​budget requirements for a successful design project.


Across The Pond Exports was established in London as a start-up by the founder, bringing ​her wealth of a three generation strong design business history. Past projects from her ​generational business experience prior to the formation by the founder of Across The Pond ​Exports Limited; Grotto Bay Hotel Bermuda, The Sonesta Hotel New Orleans, Surf Side ​Beach Club Bermuda, East Coast United States contract for Holiday Inn Hotels, East Coast ​United States contract for Sheraton Hotels, The Bermuda Hotel College, Sun International ​Hotels, Half and Half Club Bermuda and Connecticut Governor’s Mansion. This foundation ​coupled with a British staff has created an ideal working environment for transatlantic design ​projects.


Through one management source, we keep you in touch with every aspect of your design ​project or product. Across The Pond Exports through established accounts, directs a network ​of reliable suppliers and contractors.


The realisation of the design process. Materials, colours and furnishings, developed products ​all harmoniously orchestrated into your home, retail or hospitality setting.

Regionally. Nationally. Worldwide. We establish a close working relationship with local ​artisans, craftsmen and suppliers, to achieve a finished project which complements the cultural ​and economic base of the region.

Across The Pond Exports understands the business world. We have the strength for high ​performance, the power for continuous support, the commitment to meet the client’s ​schedules.


Is the interior of the working space of your business in congruence with your ​company's policy to be a good partner in caring for the environment?

Make the decision and engage Across the Pond Exports Limited to find, design, ​source and send your offices, hospitality, or bespoke venue space. Be that change. ​Your clients, investors, board members and employees will see the tangible result of ​creating a commercial interior that makes a statement. We procure outstanding ​results that are functional, efficient and intelligent. This speeds up lead times with ​delivery and installation, allowing your company a quicker use of the space to do ​business. Our designs use British-sourced already in form antiques and vintage ​materials, one better than manufactured sustainable. A well thought out design ​equates to higher morale, an unforgettable first impression and more productivity ​increasing the bottom line. Designed spaces that align with your company's stated ​vision make simple sense and will add an authenticity to your message. All ​companies, including Across the Pond Exports Limited, are striving to improve the ​way we do business albeit with imperfections along the way. This approach to ​furnishing commercial spaces collectively has the potential to make a huge impact. ​Join us...



Here’s a little bit about us and our employees past and present through the years:

We are resourceful, critical thinkers with vast and varied address books to dream and do the ​impossible. One holds a History of Art degree, another Journalism. Two of us attended law ​school. We have studied at University in London, Boston, North Carolina, Bermuda, ​Brighton, Connecticut and Hertfordshire. We are British with the exception of one across the ​pond American import. We have worked on Wall Street to the High Street. Designed from ​Tokeneke Darien, Connecticut to the Ritz Carlton in Boston, illustrated for Liberty. And as a ​group we are in our twenties to our seventies anchored by experience and invigorated with the ​enthusiasm of careers just begun...

We love tacos, brownies and Sunday dinner, have climbed Mount Snowdon, have travelled ​across the world from Nigeria to Nashville, Corfu to Charleston, Peru to Poughkeepsie. Africa, ​Asia, North and South America, Europe, Oceania covered but ambition awaits for an ​Antarctica jaunt. We love sailing, painting, flowers and snowboarding...are parents to twelve ​exceptional children, one a grandfather to many...and between us there is a menagerie of the ​most precious furry friends. Enthusiasm for this little can-do company is plentiful. We came to ​be as a group through serendipitous circumstances, yet our founder said we all used these ​exact words when interviewing: “I can do that.” And we can, are and we can’t wait to work ​with you….



21 April 2023




ACROSS THE POND EXPORTS is delighted to announce that the application process is now open for The Great ​British Phone Box Trail and The Great British Taxi Trail Autumn 2024.

The Great British Trails initiative will afford businesses and regional authorities the innovative opportunity to expand ​their reach beyond British borders with significant potential for growth in the United States through the medium of a ​unique piece of British history: the classic British Telecom phone box and the iconic London taxi. These trails promise ​to highlight the affection so many Americans have for all things British and will create high visibility opportunities ​throughout the United States as these trails will be marketed as days-out destinations.

Successful applicants will have the opportunity to design and advertise on bespoke, hand-painted British street ​furniture with the aim to exhibit your business or regional authority to our friends across the pond. Partnering with ​ACROSS THE POND EXPORTS ensures that every stage of the process will be taken care of, from the tailoring and ​shipping of the bespoke items to the meticulous organisation of this one-of-a-kind opportunity exporting the best of ​Britain to the United States.

ACROSS THE POND EXPORTS provides a connection for a representative from your regional authority or business ​to travel to the United States, see your phone box or taxi displayed and participate in print and broadcast media ​events to further business and trade relationships. That is the heart of The Great British Phone Box Trail and the ​Great British Taxi Trail. A key objective in addition to promoting more business trading relationships is to boost ​British tourism and highlight the hidden gems of Great Britain in London and further afield. American residents will ​be given the chance to visit trails throughout the United States to search for beautifully designed telephone boxes and ​taxis and discover picturesque British towns and cities to plan their next European jaunt.

ACROSS THE POND EXPORTS’ artists in residence will work closely with you to emphasise your town, city or ​business and bring it to life in a timeless design that encapsulates the matchless beauty of Britain to American ​residents or [inversely] the best of your British business.

Applications are now being accepted until Wednesday 19th June 2024. The Great British Trails commence in Autumn ​2024 in the United States.

The application form follows below, however this does not replace our personal service. If you have questions please ​contact:


Calling all you wonderful British creative minds! No matter if you're an organisation, individual, artist, ​or have never picked up a paintbrush, we would love to hear from you! We will handpick one successful ​custom design to be featured in each trail, in which your artistry will be exhibited and credited to you. ​Whether you are in reception at school or are an established, professional artist; charity or the Prime ​Minister himself, highlight your flair for design. It’s our goal in the Autumn of 2024 to have a trail ​dedicated to all things creatively British, so if we don’t choose you this time and you’d like to be ​included, keep an eye out on our website for our next application process. Please note, if your design ​isn’t picked all original artwork is your own intellectual property. We honour that because we create too. ​That’s not our jam.

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Authentic British Telecom phone boxes retired from the streets. Iconic. Historic. And oh so cool.

Prices starting at £4700+ exclusively designed by ACROSS THE POND EXPORTS.

Original Red

Classic Black

The Swift

(Yep, we’re fans!)

The Beach

Welly Green


THAT Yellow


City Gingham






Stock is continuously in production for all of our in ​house designs. Bespoke orders take twelve to sixteen ​weeks to create your vision by hand.

Items ship within the UK and worldwide by land,

air or sea at customers' choice.


11-14 MAY 2023

Across the Pond Exports Limited is certain that companies that are mindful of best practices for the good of the environment will be the most successful. We exclusively sell sustainable products. We strive to use materials that are friendly to all things good and green. We seek partners of like mind in all aspects of doing business. We know it matters to our customers. To ourselves. To all.








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